The Cutting Room Floor – Jess Brown Dolls

As far as doll makers go (and there are so many gorgeous ones out there!) Jess Brown rates pretty high in my book. My daughter whole heartedly agrees and spent ages browsing through her lovely designs daydreaming about them and their stylish, sassy ways. Unfortunately for the price tag, I am a gypsy handmade mama through and through and our extra cash is spent on plane tickets and adventures and not 3 figure dollies. I am in no way dissing those rates – especially after this Christmas labor of love I partook in, in last minute all nighter fashion. She is worth every penny and luckily for me she realises this is the case for more than a few of us and generously wrote a book with patterns (Doll, clothing and accessories!!) included. Besides the cost of her book, these pretty ladies cost but a few dollars after a stash busting left me with almost everything including the stuffing (perks of the wardrobing mama trade). Many hours and sore fingers later they were placed under the tree – at the very last second – but the shrieks and dancing heard that morn were worth every sleepless bit – even the hours spent stuffing those itty bitty limbs. Listen to her amateur creature creators when she says A LITTLE AT A TIME.

And that’s the tale of 2 love stitched Christmas dolly’s for 2 love bug sister gals.

Find Jess Browns fabulous book HERE.