img_0429Lottie and Róisín

Days around here are slow and easy, sometimes we even forget to leave the home stomping ground for days upon end. This weeks picture is just the daily going ons of two sisters who are now both old enough to share the same routines, the nightly being dinner and chats, bath and teeth – finishing with stories, songs and cuddles to sleep. Tomorrow I head back to full time work, the first time since Rose’s birth and with everyone else enrolled in school the busy will begin. But for tonight we will relish those cuddles and the last of the beautiful slow days. xo



img_0361-2Lottie and Róisín

This is pretty much sums up our days as of late. Deep into the school holidays, everyone off school and work, a sweltering heat wave and us tucked up in our one air-conditioned room, imaginative play taking over the entire space and evenings spent cuddled up and  introducing you girls to The Never Ending Story and ET. Sisters are such a special phenomenon, ever since Róisín was a tiny unsettled babe we just had to lay her next to her big sister where she would let out a sigh of relief and fall into a deep sleep. We would wake through the night to see you girls with arms wrapped around each other and if little Rose would start to stir her big sister would knowingly wrap her up, eyes still closed and pat her little sister back to sleep. These days as you two grow, not much has changed. You still love to snuggle up together, you are still thick as thieves  and we still love watching your love for each other show itself in cuddles all over the house.

1/52 – Happy New Year!


Lottie and Róisín

New beginnings, new blog and a new 52 project. 2017 is a year we are welcoming with open arms and excitement. This is the year of transformations, that new seeds we have planted will finally sprout and come to fruit and that this gypsy family will spread their wings and fly again. Stay tuned for the fun!